LOS ANGELES, CA – Academy Award-nominated actress Barbara Hershey has been accused of practicing witchcraft, and she is not taking it lying down.

Hershey currently lives in Los Angeles with long-term boyfriend, LOST actor Naveen Andrews. During a recent custody battle, Naveen was awarded sole custody of his son after the boy’s mother Elena Eustache accused Hershey of witchcraft and poisoning the child.

While Eustache will have to undergo psychiatric testing in order to regain custody, was she really that off the mark?

Hershey has personally spoken to the press to defend herself. “Look, let’s just clear this mess up, shall we? I never have, nor will I ever practice witchcraft.

“The term ‘witch’ gets thrown around a lot these days. If I had a friend (not me) who spoke magical incantations in conjunction with a mixture of amphibian parts and swamp water in order to get back at ego-inflated studio executives who are too bitter and judgmental to hire older- no, more refined actresses for lead roles in films, would anyone really consider this friend (again, not me) to be a witch?”

When one of the gossip columnists nodded emphatically, flames shot out of Hershey’s eyes and set him aflame. She then gasped in surprise, snapped her fingers and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Jackie Bubbles will be sorely missed in the gossip community.

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  1. On a more serious note, can we note that the refined and beautiful Barbara Hershey has always been a marvelous and under-rated actress with an impressive list of movies, and performances, to her credit. Alas; we've missed seeing her in recent years. Is she still acting ? I don't recall anything after "Drowning on Dry Land," which maybe 14 people saw. Any productions in the works ? Either film, or TV ?

  2. I think its sad that people are so cruel and misunderstanding of others. I dont know Barbara that well but I do know that whatever goes on between her and Naveen Andrews is between the two of them. Why cant they ever tell positive things about celebrities instead of all the negative? Naveen is a great actor and appears to be a loving father and thats what matters. I wish them the best

  3. Barbara hershey is not a witch an its sad how people can call her that when shes not a witch an they know it so good that barbara defended herself cause i would of an yes she is still acting


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