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TOLEDO, OH – The Chaos Cloud was sited hovering high above western Ohio yesterday. Small particles of dust fell on Toledo as the Chaos Cloud moved southeasterly heading in the direction of Columbus, the Ohio state capitol.

Many believe the Chaos Cloud will remain over Ohio in this key election period as accusations of voter tampering, registration fraud, and robo-calling continue to plague this pivotal swing state.

With Ohio playing the deciding role in the 2004 election, both campaigns have dispatched hundreds of lawyers and thousands of unpaid volunteers to monitor the election.

Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner told a press conference, “We are taking every precaution to make sure the accusations of 2004 are not repeated.  The emergence of The Chaos Cloud shows just how important a role Ohio plays.”

While the Chaos Cloud is believed to be non-partisan and unaffiliated with either party, no one is eager to see it show a preference by descending upon earth any earlier than its scheduled 2014 reign of destruction.