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WASHINGTON, D.C. -The U.S. military has found a race of Mole People, and may be planning to exploit them!

Weekly World News has uncovered the shocking discovery of a race of underground Mole People living 20 miles beneath the Earth, using secret tunnels to enter the United States.

This discovery was made not by archaeologists, but by military scientists tunneling deep inside the Earth – and an insider has leaked exclusive photos and information about these “cave people”.

“We’re not even sure how many of them there are. We’ve only seen one city so far, with an estimated 2,000 Mole People in residence. But there may be several million of them living in sprawling and cavernous underground cities, scattered beneath the Earth’s surface.”

The military is reportedly eager to study the Mole People. “We want to find out everything about them — what they eat, how they live, and, most importantly, what is their relationship to the human race.”

But some citizens believe the government has ulterior motives. John Sangaard, a mutant rights activist, said, “Think about it: what of the crucial oil and mineral reserves below the surface? Who owns them, the Mole People or us? America is desperate for domestic oil right now. I have no doubt that the government is looking to exploit these poor creatures.”

There may be worse possibilities. According to the source, the military “stumbled on” the underground civilization in September while running a classified project that may have involved spying on China.

“Will they try and use the mole people to dig into enemy countries?” asked Sangard. “Use them for surveillance? We need to fight our own wars. How typically human to misuse our newfound brothers for selfish means.”