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SAN ANTONIO, TX – A young woman accused of beheading a dog has admitted to being a werewolf!

Police are investigating the supposed beheading of a dog in San Antonio. on January 20, 2010, a photo depicting the decapitated dog head was posted on multiple internet sites.

The photo was analyzed by some viewers, and traced back to a cell phone owned by a man named Mark. Internet sleuths then discovered his main group of friends, and eventually determined that someone within the group beheaded the dog.

Authorities involved now believe the culprit to be Sarah Rodriguez, who prefers to be called “Wolfie Blackheart”. Although she appears to be human, she claims to be a werewolf!

She is apparently part of a “Wolf Pack” that dress and act like dogs, hang out in the woods, and eat raw deer. She  may also have a collection of dog skulls!

See her interview with local news below: