ROME – The shocking secret behind the Mona Lisa’s serenely satisfied smile was sex!
Incredibly, the model for the world’s most famous painting was a highly paid prostitute who even slept with the Pope’s brother!
Italian professor Carlo Vecce uncovered the scandalous secret while trying to track down the identity of the real Mona Lisa. After wading through piles of letters and diaries belonging to artist Leonardo da Vincy, Dr. Vecce’s research finally paid off.
He discovered a note from one of the famous artist’s pupils naming the model as Isabella Gualandi, who was born in Naples in 1491. The lovely Isabella not only took the Vatican by storm but she also carried on an affair with Giullano de Medici, brother of Pope Leo X.
The highly respected Naples University professor claims Giullano gave da Vinci a studio in the Vatican.
He then invited the artist to paint his mistress.
The priceless painting now hangs behind bullet-proof glass in the Louvre in Paris.
[Image courtesy of Freaking News]

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7 thoughts on “MONA LISA A PROSTITUTE?”

  1. Lisa is not a prostituite. But salaih is trying to prove it by rubbing off her eye brows, because half of the painting model is he and all credit gone for her. (Salaih also gay lover of da vinccci)


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