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PLUM ISLAND, NY – A human body has washed up on Plum Island, which houses the government’s secret lab for diseases!

Police have stated that the body of a white male was found Thursday afternoon on the southwest beach of the island. The clothed body, found by a security guard, was of a partially decomposed 6 foot tall man, with a large build and very long fingers.

Police also said there were no obvious fatal injuries.

The island hosts the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, which is at the center of a number of conspiracy theories. The official goal of the center is to study and protect America’s livestock from certain diseases, however it has been revealed that during the Cold War, a secret biological weapons program was tested there.

The island has most recently been in the news as the potential origins of the Montauk Monster, a mysterious creature that washed ashore in Montauk, Long Island. A second bizarre creature washed ashore in Long Island last year, also very close to Plum Island.

While authorities have not made any connection between the man’s death and the suspicious nature of the island, conspiracy theorists have already begun questioning the nature of his death.