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Charlie Sheen went to Alaska to find Kushtaka (half-man, half-otter) and… he found him!

A month after his Loch Ness monster mission failed, Charlie Sheen headed to Alaska to find the mythic Kushtaka, which translates to “land ottter man.”


Sheen went into the Alaska wilderness with his friend, Marla Palotta last week armed only with three cups of coffee and a “winning” attitude.



Sheen saw Kustaka hiding in the brush and reportedly “pounced” on the beast.  “Sheen looked crazier than the beast.  I think Kushtaka was more afraid of him than Sheen was of Kushtaka,” said a local hunter.

Stories about the elusive Kushtaka originated among natives in Southeastern Alaska … and according to Charlie, it’s “a shape-shifting trickster who is half man, half otter. It lures one away from the campsite with the mimicked sounds of a crying baby, then kills you, takes on YOUR form, and returns to the scene for more suckers or prey.”

Sheen lured Kushtaka into his “trap” by howling like a wolf and singing Metallica songs at the top of his lungs.  Kushtaka appeared and Sheen… pounced.


“I grabbed that Otter Man by the throat and I wouldn’t let go,” Sheen reportedly said.

Charlie said the thought Kushtaka was a “wimp” and that he plans to bring the beast back to Hollywood to display and mount in his house.

Congrats, Charlie!