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A sea monster washed ashore in Spain!

A long, smelly sea monster washed up on the Spanish coast. Experts say it is the famed El Bangalollo – a mystical beast long thought to inhabit the waters off Spain.


El Bangalollo has sparked an online buzz in the past few days, thanks to the gnarly-looking pictures that surfaced in Spain this past week. The carcass washed up on Luis Siret Beach in the Andalusian village of Villaricos, according to locals.  The beast was alive for close to five hours and then died – apparently of natural causes.

But scientists from around the world can confirm – El Bangalollo is real!  Conservationists with the Program in Defense of Marine Animals positively identified the remains as the body of El Bangalollo.


El Bangalollo is a serpent that can live in the water OR on land.  He has teeth like humans and is known to have come ashore to eat dogs, cats and… horses.

El Bangalollo is 13-feet-long and some say looks like a Thrasher Shark.


Some locals believe that if you eat part of El Bangalollo you will add another 10-25 years to your life.  Local authorities have been trying to keep people away from the carcass, but they’ve had to bring in the Spanish military to protect the carcass.