An astronaut at the International Space Station saw a UFO – a spaceship from Planet Gootan!
An unidentified flying object floated by the International Space Station.


NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy  captured a video of the ‘unidentified object’ near the space station. He spotted the object floating near the space station on Monday (Aug. 19).
“Was it a UFO?,” NASA officials wrote in a video description. Russian ground controllers identified it as a spaceship from Planet Gootan.


Russian scientists examined the pictures closely and are positive that the spaceship, from Planet Gootan, was firing on the space station.
“Luckily, we had anti-UFO missiles on board the space station.  We fired at the Gootan ship and it retreated,” said a Russian astronaut.
The Gootan ship was first spotted from one of the low-gain WAL antennas on the space station used to help guide the European Space Agency’s unmanned Automated Transfer Vehicle cargo ships during rendezvous and docking operations.


A NASA spokesman told WWN that they did not believe the UFO was a ship from Planet Gootan.  “The Russians are crazy.  There are no such thing as Gootans.”
But the Russians seem to have the last laugh – providing the press with thousands of documents proving the existence of Planet Gootan.
The Russians anticipate that the Gootan ship will return with reinforcements.  “We are ready.  Russia will protect Earth, save Earth – as we have always done,” said the Russian astronaut.



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