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Hillary Clinton is reportedly seeking a divorce from her husband, Bill.

Hillary Clinton is about to embark on a new phase of her life and, apparently, this phase will not include Bill Clinton.


“After her concussion and after spending a lot of time in quiet reflection, Hillary still isn’t decided what she wants to do professionally with her life.  But she has decided that she would like to face the future without Bill,” said a source close to Hillary’s lawyer.

“She’s put up with a lot from Bill over the years, and while they have always worked out their problems, and she’s always stood ‘by her man’, she realizes she wants to find a man who really will be devoted to her in her senior years,” said the source.


There are persistent rumors that Bill continues to have multiple affairs to this day, even though his open-heart surgery has slowed him down a bit.

This will put an end to the “two for one” couple.


When it comes to political achievements, no power couple comes close to the Clintons. In Bill and Hillary: The Politics of the Personal, Duke University history professor William Chafe examines the dynamic between the former president and the current secretary of state, which, he says, affected their public lives and, therefore, American history.

Why did Hillary stay with Bill for so long?

Many speculate that it was because of Hillary’s mother.  She always taught Hillary that the most important thing was never to think about divorce but to always put the family first. And that message was really an abiding one. But in some respects, when Hillary saved Bill for the last time in the Lewinsky scandal, she also liberated herself. At that point, she could become an independent figure in her own right. At the same time as she’s defending Bill during that event, she is committing herself to become a candidate in New York state.


And now… Hillary feels she will come into full blossom, and become the 45th President of the United States.