WWN has learned that Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o is not from Hawaii.  He’s from a wealthy Mexican family!


Manti Te’o got duped into believing he had an online girlfriend.  Deadspin.com broke the story yesterday.   But WWN learned today more shocking news about the Notre Dame linebacker who is about to turn pro – he’s not from Hawaii.   It’s another fraud that he may be involved in.
Manti’s really name is Manny Torres and he was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico – the richest town in the country.   “Manny is laughing all the way to the NFL,” said childhood friend, Alberto Colinas.  “There were a lot of people involved in that whole I-am-from-Hawaii thing.  We laughed about it every day.  Manny has never even been to Hawaii.  He never even left Mexico. And his parents are both from Guatemala.”
Apparently, Manti thought that if he pretended he was of Samoan descent he would have a better chance of getting a college scholarship.  “How many Mexicans get scholarships to play college football?  Come on, now,” said friend Marco deAndrade.  “He knew he had no shot at college as a Mexican, so he became Hawaiian.  And it has worked out well for him.”


NBC Sports Director, Greg Hayes, told WWN the network was duped by Manti (Manny) and his family.  “We fell for the whole lei thing pretty hard.  We never even thought to send a reporter to Oahu to check up on him.  Even President Obama thought Manti was from Hawaii.  It was all one big hoax.”
The question the NCAA is asking is about this: what did Notre Dame know and when did they know it?
“Did they know he wasn’t from Hawaii?  Did they play along so that they could get the fans united with leis?  Have they played pranks on fans before?  Was Charlie Weis really a football coach?”  There’s so many questions and angles we need to investigate,” said Hayes.


WWN has also learned that Manti’s imaginary girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, who was found alive is now – dead again.  WWN sends it’s condolences to Manny…


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  1. you people are horrible.. idk who would ever think to create lies like this. all you have to do is type his name up and oc16 pops up with all of his highschool highlights from OAHU!!… you people are really assholes

  2. You guys are idiots, I have yearbooks of his schools. How the hell would Norte dame give him a scholarship or recruit him .dumb asses

  3. I hope the editor knows the difference between someone from Hawaii and a Hawaiian. I know it's a concept hard for the mainlanders to get, but I'll spell it out now just in case. Lets make up a hypothetical situation. Lets say there's a state that's called Native America. If you are born and raised there, does that make you Native American? Of course not. Same goes for Hawaii.

  4. Too bad you didn't wait to voice your opinion until you heard from everyone involved. Like whatever you hear is always right? Come on use your common sense. That is, if you have any. Obviously considering the basis of this report (Manti Te'o is not Hawaiian), you've completely lost your mind. Kapolei, Hawaii

  5. Leave him alone already. Why is the media trying so hard to make him look bad? He is obviously from Hawai'i. His name is so big here in the islands, not in Mexico. All of this just needs to seriously stop.

  6. Manti teo is from hawaii, hedid go to punahou.. You haoles dont kno tha facts, get'um straiight,getoffyourokoleanddosometin!..we still got mad love for you manti, nd why these people gotta take things so seroisly?..who cares?..would you want anyone to talk about your personal life?..stupid reporters.. ,anyways He's BEAST at football and is going nfl, bottom line!

  7. The headline is correct, "He's Not Hawaiian".. He is Samoan and for reporters to still be calling him Hawaiian just because he was raised in Hawaii is like slapping the "Native Hawaiians" in the face. You wouldn't call some one from Hawaiian bloodlines living in Samoa, Samoan! You would say the Hawaiian that is in Samoa. It is really upsetting that my family had to fight for their land only to have people walk all over it without their consent! A lot of people need to be educated on this, because I really think there are some people that just don't get it. Kanaka Maoli!


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