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Visitors to our nation’s capital will get quite a surprise this week — right across the Capitol’s dome. Facing budgetary woes, the Obama administration has signed over the rights of the dome to now become an advertising venue. The first client? FOX’s “The Simpsons.”

The likeness of Simpsons’ family patriarch Homer Simpson can be currently be seen on the dome, apparently promoting the hit television show that has run for 23 seasons. The Matt Groening creation continues to attract millions of viewers each episode, and FOX was reportedly eager to hop on what some consider to be the “apex of advertising real estate.”

The length of Homer’s tenure on the Capitol dome is yet to be determined, but insiders expect his popular yellow visage to adorn the structure through at least the fall season. Though the quality of “The Simpsons” may be universally praised, the Obama administration’s decision to advertise on the dome is far more polarizing. Many had no idea it was within the president’s power to lease Capitol property

“It’s exactly what the president is supposedly against,” said Gregory Allman, a conservative lobbyist. “For an ‘anti-corporate’ leader, this decision is very, very odd.”

Supporters of the president have praised the decision, calling it “brave,” “a stroke of genius” and the far more measured label of “reasonable.” Either way, the decision has provided a lot of excitement for Washington pollsters.

“We have no idea how this is going to affect the election,” said one analyst. “We’re all just kind of waiting around to see if this will give the president a huge bump or take him down several points. Whatever effect it has, we’ll know it’ll be large.”