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Wall Street Groupies swooned as Mark Zuckerberg met with investors about his IPO.

Mark Zuckerberg took his Facebook IPO to Wall Street and it was… mayhem.

Wall Street traders, brokers and analysts acted like a rock star was in their amidst.  Men were fighting each other to get close to Mark Zuckerberg and women… well, there were a number of panties thrown at him.

WWN embedded ace reporter Johnson Fairbanks on the road show bus.  He asked Zuckerberg directly about the fact that Facebook is shutting down on July 15, 2012 and how that would affect the IPO.

“No comment,” an aide to Zuckerberg reportedly said.

WWN is, however, sticking to its award-winning story, which you can READ HERE.

The intense attention being paid to Zuckerberg’s attendance at the kickoff to Facebook’s IPO road show is almost as intense as Justin Bieber at book signing at a mall.

There is a massive amount of demand to get a piece of red-hot Facebook, and one could even argue that Zuckerberg should leave this delicate task to the professionals while he runs the social network from Silicon Valley.  And Wall Street traders are willing to do… anything to get a piece of the IPO.

Warren Buffett, however, isn’t interested.  “I wouldn’t worry about it too much,” billionaire investor Warren Buffett told FOX Business on Monday. “People know what Facebook is. It’s not a mystery that has to be explained — except to me.”

With its 900 million users, Facebook is set to leap into the public markets later this month with a massive IPO that could raise $10.6 billion, which would be the largest global Internet offering ever.

Then, in July… it will be no more.