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Bat Boy will making an appearance on tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars!

ABC Family has a surprise for viewers of their hit show, Pretty Little Liars.   Tonight’s episode, “Breaking the Code”, features a special appearance by WWN’s own Bat Boy.

UPDATE (May, 2012):  Did you see Bat Boy in the episode?  You have to look VERY closely… look at the old house, again.  You will have another chance.  Rumors are swirling that Bat Boy will be a regular on Pretty Little Liars!   Stay tuned… WWN is covering this.

There  were rumors swirling on the internet that Bat Boy was to  be revealed as – “A” – the mysterious person who has been taunting the PLLs.   March 19th was  billed by ABC Family as “A Day” because “A”  because “A” was  revealed.  There was a great deal of speculation that Bat Boy was “A” and has been the one terrorizing the PLLs with texts and notes that have drops of his Bat Boy blood on them.  After the final episode aired… it is still true!  Bat Boy is on the A team!

Bat Boy has been a fan of the show since it began two years ago.  There are rumors that Bat Boy is dating Lucy Hale (she plays Arai), one of the stars of the show, but she’s trying to keep it a secret:

In Season Three  Bat Boy will become involved “intimately” with one of the PLLs.  Is Aria?  Is it Hannah?  Is it Emily or perhaps it’s Spencer, who has long been an admirer of Bat Boy.

There are also rumors that Bat Boy is dating the lead singer on a featured song on tonight’s show.   Here’s Katy . featured singer with the party band Moses Blue:

And here’s Katy K’s song, which is on tonight’s episode of PLL.  Bat Boy has been playing it incessantly in his cave!


Spencer’s not happy – SHE wants Bat Boy.

Is Bat Boy the mysterious “A”???