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MIAMI – According to sources close to Drake, who just dropped his new record “Take Care”, the hip-hop star asked Serena Williams to marry him.  

And she said… yes!

Drake and tennis superstar, Serena Williams, have been hot for each other for the last two years and have tried to keep their relationship a secret.  Not anymore… sources close to the couple say they plan to marry in the next three months.

In August, Drake was seen cheering on Serena Williams at the Rogers Cup.

The two have also been caught on the tennis court together and all over South Florida.

Sources close to Dizzy,  whose new album “Take Care” hit digitally this week, say he is madly in love with Serena and can’t imagine life without her.

In an interview with Conquest Magazine, Drake doesn’t hold back his love and admiration for Serena.

“I really, really love Serena Williams. She’s incredible.  She’s someone I’m proud to love with all my heart.  She’s in my life forever and I’m in her life forever.  We want to have many babies together.”

Serena has been a BIG fan of Drizzy’s for a long time:

There are rumors that Chris Brown (Breezy) elbowed Drake in the face this weekend after learning about the engagement.  Both singers have a shared “interest” in Rihanna,  but also share a love for Serena.  “Breezy was upset that Dizzy got engaged to Serena before he could do her,” said a source close to Chris Brown.  But now Brown is focused on Venus.   “Maybe they can make it a family thang,” said the source.

Drake isn’t going to retaliate against Brown’s elbow to the face.  He’s a lover…  As he told WWN:

“My father taught me: ‘Don’t fear any man. Don’t ever fear another person.’ I don’t get myself mixed up with stupid sh*t. I get a lot of love.  I give a lot of love.  Especially to Serena. I don’t feel tension. I stand 6’2″. By no means am I the most threatening guy in the rap game, but there are very few people who will come up and say sh*t to me in person. It’s always all smiles. That’s one thing I do not fear, anyone in this game. Nobody. Especially none of these guys that are paid to talk sh*t.”

Drake reportedly tweeted this weekend that he can’t wait for Serena to put on his new album.  As he told her  – “I want to make you sweat.”   And man, he’s really been making her sweat.

WWN hopes they’ll be hitting balls together and rapping for a long time to come.

Here’s Drake’s new single, Take Care: