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BEIJING – A new makeover TV show in China guarantees to make women “pretty” and “perfect.”

“Beauty Class”, a realty TV show in China has generated a lot of buzz around the world.  It’s generating a lot of posts on Twitter and on Weibo – China’s Twitter equivalent.

“Beauty Class” allows women to reinvent themselves – they can go from an ugly duckling to a white swan.

A show promo states:  “Afraid to wear low-cut tops? Afraid to wear miniskirts? No problem, let us teach you how to change into an S-figure, to cultivate you into a charming collection, transform you into an perfect woman.”

And the Chinese are experts and making “things” perfect.

The show has many detractors who say it is merely a parade of scantily-dressed women for TV viewers to ogle.

Many men said they would be keen to watch such a show, while others felt the women are demeaning themselves for the sake of being in the spotlight.

What do you think?