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NEW PALTZ, NY  –  Watch Stephen Colbert’s head get launched into space!

It didn’t make it all the way to the moon, though.  Unfortunately, Colbert’s head crashed in Connecticut.

MakerBot Industries, the manufacturer of the first affordable 3-D printer, sent a miniature model of Colbert into space — or at least up to 100,000 feet.

Recently on the Colbert Report with a tiny 3-D thermoplastic model of Colbert, MakerBot founder Bre Pettis and Colbert challenged Thingiverse users (MakerBot’s online community) to mashup Colbert’s head with other objects.

Cobert’s head appeared on a T-Rex, wearing Princess Beatrice’s recent wedding hat, and as Gumby, among others.

But MakerBot didn’t stop there.

This month they founded the MakerBot Space Program, which they inaugurated by sending Colbert’s model head into the sky on a weather balloon outfitted with a with a Flipcam and a GPS enabled cell phone.

Here’s the edited version of the flight:

Stephen Colbert (the full-bodied version) said that he has asked the MakerBot team to prepare him for launch.  “I want to go on that same kind of ride,” said Colbert.  “Although, I’d rather crash in New Jersey, than Connecticut.”

Liz Klimas

The Blaze