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WASHINGTON – According to The Marist Poll, children in the United States no longer want to be astronauts.

The findings are the result of a three-month telephone survey of young Americans, ages six to twelve years. For the first time in forty years, astronaut fell out of the Dream Job Top Ten.

Linda Roderer, president of Kids Employment Assessment Strategies, believes the shift is a result of NASA’s upcoming last space shuttle launch. The Atlantis mission is now scheduled to take off on July 8th  from Kennedy Space Center.

“The kids know there will be no more space walks. It’s really a shame. As far as today’s kids are concerned, the astronaut dream is over. NASA is making a big mistake. They have enough trouble with funding from a generation that watched Neil Armstrong’s walk. Imagine forty years from now, they’re not going to get a penny from these kids.”

Concern is also building within the Halloween retail sector. The American Costume Association forecasts a glut of astronaut suits, from infant to teen sizes, will sit on shelves. Bob McKenzie, regional sales manager for Seasons Costumes, speculates that kids will return to some other classic get-ups.

“They’ve just given up on the space dream. We’re making adjustments in our wholesale pricing and in-store display arrangements. We’re making a lot more room for UPS uniforms and train conductors.”

2011 Dream Job Top Ten (ages 6-12)

1.    Doctor
2.    Vet
3.    Athlete
4.    Pop Singer
5.    Firefighter
6.    Police Officer
7.    Pilot
8.    Actor
9.    Spy
10.    Model/Dietitian