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LONDON – Prince William has selected a toupee for his April 29th wedding to Kate Middleton.

With the Royal Wedding coming up, many in Buckingham Palace have been panicked about what to do about Prince William’s hair – if there’s any left on his head by April 29th.

It’s a royal crisis!  Look at this recent photo of Prince William with Kate.  And this is a GOOD hair day for the Prince.:

There were Royal meetings held to discuss what to do about his hair.  The Queen thought that Prince William should wear a hat the whole day and night.

Prince Charles, who hadn’t had hair on his head in decades, thought that a “quicky” hair transplant would do the trick.  He even offered to call the Bosley, the Hair Transplant specialists who did celebrities William Shatner and Dennis Miller.

Others, recommended that the Prince go for the shaved head look.  Prince Harry was particularly fond of that idea.  “I’d love to see Willy bald.  That’d be a gas,”  said Prince Harry.

After several long days of deliberation, the Royal family made an announcement this morning.

“Prince William will wear a Royal Toupee to his wedding,” Queen Elizabeth announced to a large crowd gathered outside Buckingham Palace.

The picture at the top of this article is William with the Royal Toupee.  Below is William without the toupee.

What do you think?  Does will the Royal Toupee work?