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NEW ZEALAND – Archeologists at an excavation site in Dunedin, New Zealand, discovered the fossilized remains of winged humans!

The discovery was made yesterday morning when Dr. Herman Meyer of Massey University uncovered the fossilized bones of a human male with bird-like wings.

Further digging by Dr. Meyer and his team yielded even more astonishing discoveries. After the 30 day excavation, which concluded on Saturday, over 250 winged creatures had been found.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said Dr. Meyer. “One after another these fossils kept appearing out of the dirt. It led me to think that an entire civilization of winged humans once lived here!”

Dr. Meyer and his team ran tests on the fossilized remains, concluding that the winged humans were a nomadic people that roamed the Earth in mass groupings or “flocks.”

“These winged humans were a civilized people” said Dr. Meyer. “They used tools and built houses. They may have even developed their own language.”

Additional tests found that the winged humans could fly at speeds of up to 60 mph and at altitudes of over 6,000 ft.

More impressive was that dating techniques indicated the fossils to be at least 100,000 years old, an age which Dr. Meyer and his team consider “recent” in the timeline of human evolution.

“The fact that these fossils are only 100,000 years old is astounding,” said Dr. Meyer. “If what the dating techniques indicate is true, then these winged humans developed after the era of modern Homo sapiens.”

“That means they could still be around,” he added.

The news of Dr. Meyer’s discovery has sent shockwaves through the scientific community, forcing scientists everywhere to rethink the history of mankind.

“Dr. Meyer has rewritten the book of human evolution,” said PhD Ape, WWN’s resident expert on all things scientific. “He is bound to win the Nobel Prize.”

Some in the scientific community say the winged humans may be the key to understanding the mysteries of modern science, like where Bat Boy came from or where Elvis is hiding.

So keep your eyes peeled, Weekly World News readers! You might just see a UFH’s (Unidentified Flying Human) soaring through the sky!