NEW ZEALAND – Archeologists at an excavation site in Dunedin, New Zealand, discovered the fossilized remains of winged humans!
The discovery was made yesterday morning when Dr. Herman Meyer of Massey University uncovered the fossilized bones of a human male with bird-like wings.
Further digging by Dr. Meyer and his team yielded even more astonishing discoveries. After the 30 day excavation, which concluded on Saturday, over 250 winged creatures had been found.
“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said Dr. Meyer. “One after another these fossils kept appearing out of the dirt. It led me to think that an entire civilization of winged humans once lived here!”

Dr. Meyer and his team ran tests on the fossilized remains, concluding that the winged humans were a nomadic people that roamed the Earth in mass groupings or “flocks.”
“These winged humans were a civilized people” said Dr. Meyer. “They used tools and built houses. They may have even developed their own language.”
Additional tests found that the winged humans could fly at speeds of up to 60 mph and at altitudes of over 6,000 ft.
More impressive was that dating techniques indicated the fossils to be at least 100,000 years old, an age which Dr. Meyer and his team consider “recent” in the timeline of human evolution.
“The fact that these fossils are only 100,000 years old is astounding,” said Dr. Meyer. “If what the dating techniques indicate is true, then these winged humans developed after the era of modern Homo sapiens.”
“That means they could still be around,” he added.
The news of Dr. Meyer’s discovery has sent shockwaves through the scientific community, forcing scientists everywhere to rethink the history of mankind.
“Dr. Meyer has rewritten the book of human evolution,” said PhD Ape, WWN’s resident expert on all things scientific. “He is bound to win the Nobel Prize.”
Some in the scientific community say the winged humans may be the key to understanding the mysteries of modern science, like where Bat Boy came from or where Elvis is hiding.
So keep your eyes peeled, Weekly World News readers! You might just see a UFH’s (Unidentified Flying Human) soaring through the sky!

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  1. Now see? THIS is the reason people have become addited to drugs and alcohol. They are just following their ancestors and flying high. :-Þ

  2. I wanna date a woman like this, Then I can hit her in the arse, have her clean the dust and fly to get me takeout. Id have the only car, Imagine the savings on gas??

  3. There is no referencing to back this. No archeology at Massey university and no Dr Herman Meyer. Try and be factual with the news.

  4. you guys are immature! i belive Winged humans do exist! in fact ive come close to discovering one but its always slipping away when i least expect it! ^.^

  5. I believe winged humans existed, and we at 43things.com are close to bringing a new line of them into existance…

    • Of course if any females are found, then they are the unwanted and forbidden creatures known to the old world as nephilim.

  6. Yes they do exist. Avians is one of the names we use. BUT as I was not born with them, i am growing them and it is possible. If you have the Gene to mutate or the Gene period then it is possible for anyone. All you have to do is learn to trigger it, spells for example will help this, not all spells BUT they're are some. We will bring a new generation into existence, once again.

  7. We are real, but I don't think we can build very good houses. Also it's pretty hard to go places for tools and supplies 🙁

  8. wow its amazing how you would tell people and bring others danger… most of us, are trying not to get captured just in case they try to test on us.. you might as well tell them were you live. just saying. not all people can be trusted, most can dont get me wrong, but this shouldn't even be out there on the web. it might be cool to let people know we exist but if they come and mess with you (just some might like to learn more so they might, might do tests on some of us) dont blame them you guys did it. no pressure 🙂

  9. I dnt care if it makes sum science freak mad. Call me up on live tv n will talk until then keep hiding the fact with all magic comes.a price. So leave alone god help us to understand, n turn it around. He lets me know im doin good at trying my.best to worn those i dnt but care about. Which is sad, n sumthing im not seein from anyone

  10. The more science the more evil. Hey science ur so smart, why is it that the things u find.you dnt got clue on wat it is. U cnt see how far away ustrayed from faith. N u know wat i mean cuz i hear u guys cinfiguered on thought of ur findings. Cuz thats god tellin you devils heres what will happen again to u if u chose

  11. The more science the more evil. Hey science ur so smart, why is it that the things u find.you dnt got clue on wat it is. U cnt see how far away ustrayed from faith. N u know wat i mean cuz i hear u guys cinfiguered on thought of ur findings. Cuz thats god tellin you devils heres what will happen again to u if u chose

  12. There real like some of the above I'm one or something like one supposedly I'm an angel halfie if I get wings it will be 2-6 years

  13. Hiii everyone I'm an avian in process … And well I love the wings ok a few people who have some and I'm doing research on winged humans and I've discovered a lot look up month man most of the sightings are in point pleasant wv….. Anywho have funny !!(: be safe

  14. i am sorry that my kind was not the best people but we tried okay i am a demon and angle if you want to do a article do it on me i am the last one of them i have to wear contacts because of my eyes and people are afraid of me you can find me in Spokane Washington so come and find me i dare you my address is 55th Ave Regale ridge apartment number 146 okay so i think it is time that my kind come back into the world because we are the warriors that died for you guys it is time that angles demons dragons wolfs vampires and grim reapers should come back and protect you guys because you guys can’t fight against people from hell unlike me

  15. I realize this article is old as this is 2022. Every so often I look up human face bird like man large black feathers. My thinking is surely by now someone else has seen what I saw about 8 yrs ago. Driving along window down on my county rd heading home a mile from that spot.. there’s a water tower that supports the ranch beside it. As I passed it my eye caught movement on top of tower. I stopped my vehicle, pausing to look again and in a flash this stark white face man type body, humanoid with red lips, black eyes, bald head with hugh black wings all the way to the ground is in my face in my car window. It’s like he could read my mind without talking. Only noise made was this evil throaty laugh, tossing back his head then he was back on that tower without flying to it. As I looked again there were about 12 more large winged creatures but they didn’t have a human face, they were birds with beaks but standing on 2 legs. All with regular looking bird wings dancing around in a circle together. The one who come to my car was the only human looking one. They were 6 to 8 ft tall. He was 6 or 7 ft tall. Look like it was a type of ritual and I interrupted it. This was 11pm and I thought I was stopped only a minute but when I drove the other mile home and stopped it was an hour later. I called the sheriff’s dept this is a rural area, country out here 9 miles from town. Till this day I hadn’t found or heard anyone else that’s happen to or saw it except two of my neighbors. I only found out by going to everyone on this road asking if they’d seen anything weird on or around that tower. Two admitted it but the creature was in the road and stood in front of their vehicles, making them stop. One man said he had a pair of red leather tennis on and so did the creature. He thought in his mind “does it have hands”? It said telepathy back to him “yes I have hands” and showed him. This is way too long but more happened afterwards. I’m just trying to get answers. I have PTSD bad now and want leave my home. Sadness has overwhelmed me and depression since. Thanks for reading my post it’s all true I swear. Wish it wasn’t ruined my life.

    • I heard your story somewhere else and have no answers, I’m just digging around myself outta curiosity, this is a satire site though so no evidence here to be found just people poking “fun” at the idea of one

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