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WASHINGTON – There’s a giant green blob in outer space.  It’s alive and it’s heading for Earth!

The Hubble Space Telescope spotted a mysterious giant green blob in outer space and found that it’s strangely alive. The bizarre glowing blob is spinning around furiously and heading right for Earth.

The blob of deadly gas was first discovered by a Dutch school teacher and is named Brengta Woobong.  NASA released the Hubble photo of the Blob on Monday.

Parts of the green blob are collapsing and the resulting pressure from that is creating stars, asteroids and alien creatures.  Other parts of the Blob are forming into missile-like projectiles.

“This blob can be one hundred times more devastating to Earth, than any asteroid,” said James V. Bellanca III, the chief blob expert at NASA.  “If it hits Earth, the entire planet will be destroyed within 15 seconds.”

The blob is the size of Jupiter and is only one year away from destroying the Earth.  NASA scientists are meeting with members of The Obama Administration to form an Armageddon Committee.

The blob is mostly hydrogen gas and nitroglycerin swirling from the center.  It is illuminated by an internal quasar  asteroid molecule.

The Blob came out of a black hole just past Pluto – which is still trying to decide if it’s a planet or not.

The blob was discovered by elementary school teacher, Brengta Woobong, who is 24, as part of a Galaxy Zoo Day at her school. Woobong said when she first saw the odd object it appeared blue and smaller. The Hubble photo provides a clear picture and better explanation for what is happening with the blob.

“It actually looked like a blue smudge,” Woobong told WWN. “Now it looks like a dancing frog missile in the sky because it’s green.” She says she can even see what passes for arms and eyes  and the eyes look “evil.”

NASA is worried that there may be other Blobs out there.  “We have to protect the citizens of Earth,” said Bellanca.   “We may have to send some Blob Killers into outer space to destroy it before it gets too close.

Let’s hope Bellanca and his team can save Earth before its too late!