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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — A bevy of massage therapists have filed lawsuits against Brett Favre, The New York Jets, the Minnesota Vikings and the NFL

Two massage therapists, Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole, have filed suit against the New York Jets and Brett Favre.  They contend they were subjected to sexual harassment and job discrimination. They are seeking unspecified damages from Favre, the Jets and a team massage coordinator in a lawsuit filed Monday.

Christina Scavo

Five other massage therapists, including Jade Wang (pictured below) have filed suit against the Minnesota Vikings and Brett Favre.  They also contend that they were subjected to sexual harassment and job discrimination.  Jade said that she experience a “very unhappy” ending with Favre.

All the massage therapists say they lost their part-time jobs with the Jets after complaining about sexually suggestive text messages from the veteran quarterback while he was with the team in 2008.

Favre reportedly requested the deep-tissue massage or sports massage to get things started, but then wanted the massage therapist to join him and another therapist in a couples massage, a bowel massage and an under-water groin massage.  When the therapists told him that they did not offer groin massages, Favre responded, “Blue 21, Blue 21, Hut, Hut.”

Is Brett Favre upset about the lawsuits?  Not at all. In fact, when he heard about them he started dancing: