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NEW YORK –  A new stop was opened on the 6 Train in New York.  “City Hall” Station takes you back in time.

Hidden deep under New York City, a “secret” subway stop was just reopened. City Hall station, is a beautiful structure that opened in 1904, but has been out of use for decades, can be seen by riders … if they know how to make the journey.

To get to the City Hall station you have to stay on the train.  A  conductor –  Fritz Barnkopf will come through the trains and ask you for the secret password.  Hint:  “Teddy Roosevelt.”

The brave riders who make it to City Hall station, say that it is a magical experience.  “You literally go back in time.  You leave New York in 2010 and you arrive in New York 1904.   You become a time traveler.”

Many say that Fritz Barnkopf is a ghost from 1904 and he just wanders the train and subway station around City Hall Station.   Others are skeptical.  “Ah, he’s just another New York freak, dressing up in a weird get-up,” said Sal Grimaldi of Brooklyn.

WWN did find a photograph of Fritz Barnkopf.  Have you seen him on the 6 train?

And here are more photos of City Hall station.  Photos by
John Paul Palescandolo.

So why was the station closed so many years ago?   Some say the curved tracks made it dangerous because there were “big gaps” in between cars that were dangerous to passengers.  Others say it’s because of the Ghost of Fritz Barnkopf.

What do you think?