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NEW YORK –  After leaving MSNBC tonight, Keith Olbermann signed with Fox News.

Keith Olbermann, who last November was suspended indefinitely without pay from MSNBC for donating to three Democratic candidates during the past election cycle but then was rehired – quit MSNBC tonight.

Olbermann is out at MSNBC!

“We didn’t like Keith made political contributions, but then he apologized and we hired him back and then we decided we should have fired him instead of suspending him and we should never have rehired him, but tonight he quit, even though we really fired him, so we’re all happy,” MSNBC president Phil Griffin said in a statement.

As soon as Roger Ailes, the head honcho of Fox News heard that Olbermann quit, he offered Keith a spot in the nightly lineup.  Olbermann, who said the money Ailes offered was three times what MSNBC was paying him, quickly accepted the deal.

In a statement Friday, Olbermann said, “I don’t like being a popular TV host on a channel that doesn’t love me.  I went over to Fox and Roger Ailes said that he loved me and I then I went back to MSNBC and told them that if they wanted to keep me they had to tell me they loved me even more and that they always loved me, but they didn’t say anything, not even an ‘it’s not you, it’s me.’  So, I quit and went over to Roger Ailes who gave me a big bear hug.  He loves me, he really loves me.”

Olbermann went on to say,  “I am thrilled to be joining the team at Fox News.  Mr. Ailes has assured me that I will continue to do my program in the same format, and with the same viewpoint, that I had at MSNBC.  I will continue to do the Worst Person in The World.  And my first Worst Person in The World on my new Fox News show will be MSNBC president, Phil Griffin.”

Olbermann will be replacing Greta Van Susteren in the 10 pm. slot.

Rachael Maddow went on the air to urge Olbermann to reconsider and return once again to MSNBC, but Olbermann said that he’d rather go to duck hunting with Dick Cheney than return to MSNBC.”

Fox News stars – Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck – were livid when they learned of Olbermann’s hiring.  “They have to run everything by me on this network.  Everything!”  O’Reilly said.   Ailes said he likes conflict between his hosts, “it keeps them on their toes.”

So there you have it… Keith Olbermann is joining Fox News, starting in four months.

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