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Why Go Rogue when you can Go Mutant?!!!

There’s still a lot of buzz about Sarah Palin’s book, GOING ROGUE.  But there’s even MORE buzz about the Bat Boy book, GOING MUTANT.

Let’s look at a side by side comparison:


Home state:   Alaska                                                        Home state:  West Virginia

Supports gay  marriage                                                   Opposes gay marriage

Did not fight in Afghan war                                           Earned two Purple Hearts in Afghan War.

Can see Russia from her porch.                                    Lives in a cave – has no view

Wants lower taxes                                                           Wants more Spam

Bark worst than bite                                                       Bite is pretty damn bad

Loves God and County                                                   Loves mosquitoes

Doesn’t read any magazines                                         Likes to rip magazines to shreds

Kills moose                                                                       Kills moose better

Wants to be President                                                   Will be President

IQ:   105                                                                            IQ:  220

Mama Grizzly                                                                   Bat Boy

So which book would you rather read?   Of course, GOING MUTANT… And YOU CAN GET IT HERE.

Sarah’s reading it, why aren’t you???