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NEW YORK – There’s some shenanigans going on for the big Going Mutant book release,

That’s right…. There was some sort of foul play, some evil forces seeking to halt the Bat Boy “Going Mutant” party set to take place at Otto’s Shrunken Head in the East Village.  There was a mysterious fire at the club early Sunday morning…

Several East Village residents saw a UFO overhead an hour before the fire and many witnesses saw blue aliens running from the club.  Why do they want to stop the Bat Boy book party?   Did Bat Boy, who is not happy because he did not authorize the book, make a deal with aliens to try to stop the party?  Did Ed Anger have something to do with it?

“The whole thing is a big mystery.  There was a small fire, but it seemed to put itself out after only an hour,”  said NYFD Battalion Chief, Thomas Maloney.   “We found some big footprints in the ash.  Some think that Bigfoot was in the East Village.  We’re sorting it all out.”

Many feel that Bat Boy has something to do with it.  But Bat Boy was busy last night because he just agreed to fight Brock Lesnar in a cage match.  If Bat Boy didn’t set the fire, who did?

WWN has a team of crack investigative reporters looking into it.    Meantime, the Bat Boy “Going Mutant” Book Party will go on!  It’s going to be held just a few blocks away – same time, same open bar, same book, different place:  Lakeside Lounge, 162 Avenue B (between East 10th & 11th).  Monday, October 25th.  6:30-9:00pm.

WWN, the NYPD and the NYFD have ensured that everyone will be safe.  Though, there are rumors that some aliens will be showing up.  We are ready for them.

And Bat Boy has some surprises in store…. watch out!!