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DALLAS  – The Snuggie now has some serious competition.  Meet the Snazzy Napper!
Feeling tired?  Got the late afternoon blues?  Need a power nap, but you don’t have your blankie with you?

No problem!  Just pull out your Snazzy Napper!

It’s a wonderful Snuggie/Burkha hybrid that you can put on just about anywhere (especially at the office!). It’s like a blanket for your face designed to keep out light and allow you to sleep without the “terrible inconvenience” of having light hit your eyeballs.

Your friends, family, co-workers and stranger on the train are going to love it when you pull out a little blanket with eye slits and pull it over your head.  You’ll sleep like a baby.  And the sheep you count are going to love it, too!  They’ll be laughing as they jump over that imaginary fence!

But there’s more!   If you opt for the extra-large Snazzy Napper (which looks across between a Phantom of the Opera costume and a KKK robe), you’ll get some handy extras:  a small pocket for your cell phone and a big pocket for your lap top. What could be better?!

And if you happen to be a woman traveling in Iran or Afghanistan… you’re already ready to go. Wear the Snazzy Napper and you won’t get stoned!!

The Snazzy Napper costs $15 – $25, depending on the size.  WWN recommends the ones with the pink sheep on them. So cute!

Here’s their website!

Watch the video: