DALLAS  – The Snuggie now has some serious competition.  Meet the Snazzy Napper!
Feeling tired?  Got the late afternoon blues?  Need a power nap, but you don’t have your blankie with you?

No problem!  Just pull out your Snazzy Napper!
It’s a wonderful Snuggie/Burkha hybrid that you can put on just about anywhere (especially at the office!). It’s like a blanket for your face designed to keep out light and allow you to sleep without the “terrible inconvenience” of having light hit your eyeballs.

Your friends, family, co-workers and stranger on the train are going to love it when you pull out a little blanket with eye slits and pull it over your head.  You’ll sleep like a baby.  And the sheep you count are going to love it, too!  They’ll be laughing as they jump over that imaginary fence!
But there’s more!   If you opt for the extra-large Snazzy Napper (which looks across between a Phantom of the Opera costume and a KKK robe), you’ll get some handy extras:  a small pocket for your cell phone and a big pocket for your lap top. What could be better?!
And if you happen to be a woman traveling in Iran or Afghanistan… you’re already ready to go. Wear the Snazzy Napper and you won’t get stoned!!
The Snazzy Napper costs $15 – $25, depending on the size.  WWN recommends the ones with the pink sheep on them. So cute!
Here’s their website!
Watch the video:

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7 thoughts on “TAKE A SNAZZZZY NAP”

  1. The tolerance of Islamist intolerance is not tolerance but cultural suicide..
    Because muslim men don't see enough of women, little boys begin to look awfully pretty.
    Radical Muslim groups encourage women to cover their faces and even conceal the shape of their shoulders by using layers of drapes.
    It's a mistake to view the niqab as a "personal freedom,"
    "It is rather a declaration of extremism,"

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