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LOS ANGELES, CA – Going ahead with her plans to perform at the Grammy Awards last night, MIA spontaneously gave birth on stage to much applause.

MIA is a Sri Lankan musican famous for her politically-charged lyrics set to dancehall beats. While her single “Paper Planes” was nominated for Record of the Year, she instead performed on stage at last night’s Grammy Awards with Jay-Z and TI for “Swagga Like Us”.

Being nine-months pregnant, it was not known until the last minute whether MIA would show. But the performance may have been too stimulating, as she suddenly gave birth on stage!

Doctors on the scene said it was the fastest birthing they had ever witnessed. Mid-song, MIA stumbled and collapsed onto the stage as her contractions began. Kanye West, who holds an honorary medical degree from Chicago State University, went into action and quickly caught the baby with his cumberbund.

The Grammy staff managed to put together a “Best New Baby” award to be presented to MIA at the hospital. Mother and child are doing well, and the singer has stated that she will incorporate the sound recording of the birth into her new single, “Babyshowers”.