AMSTERDAM – Accident victim Godfried Lansing was declared dead and lay in a morgue for 48 spine-chilling hours before suddenly bouncing back to life. And now the poor guy’s fiancee is terrified to go near him – because she thinks he’s a zombie!

“He came back from the dead – and only zombies come back from the dead,” said superstitious Aleida De Groot, 20. “His soul has been sntached from his body. He’s evil and I want nothing to do with him. I loved William with all my heart, but if he ever comes near me again, I’ll scream.”

A doctor pronounced Godfried dead at the scene after a car he and Aleida were in rammed a tree on the outskirts of Amsterdam.  Aleida survived the wreck and was hospitalized with minor injuries. Attendants took Godfried’s body to the city morgue and place it in a metal box to await burial.

But incredibly, Godfried was still alive. He drifted in and out of consciousness for two agonizing days and nights before a morgue attendant heard his cries for help. “When I cam to, it was very quiet,” he recalled. “I really believed I was trapped inside a coffin buried 10 feet underground. I screamed for hours and pounded on the lid until an orderly heard me.”

The frazzled man was rushed to a hospital, where doctors said he suffered only a minor concussion and cuts and bruises. “I couldn’t wait to see Aleida and tell her the good news, but she told me to stay away or she’ll call the police! She’s convinced I’m a zombie who has returned from the dead to terrorize her.”

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4 thoughts on “MY BOYFRIEND IS A ZOMBIE”

  1. She must be (American right? not that im baised but i just need to know) I bet if he was a vampire shed be so happy… damn people and their prejudices Zombies are people too… or were atleast well atleast he wont rry to eat her brains.. funny using a plural for the 1 brain cell there is…


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