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WASHINGTON, DC – The ever eloquent Jessica Alba called Bill O’Reilly an “a-hole” during an inaugural party, and the proud pundit is taking it to the streets.

Jesse White, a producer of popular show The O’Reilly Factor, caught up with celebrities outside MTV’s Declare Yourself event and asked if they had any shout-outs for Mr. O’Reilly. While some were happy to participate, Alba made her dislike of O’Reilly evident. “He’s kind of a… kind of an a-hole. A little bit.” When asked how so, she responded, “I don’t know how he does it. Maybe he’s just born that way.”

O’Reilly has now thrown down the gauntlet, literally. On last night’s show, O’Reilly took a white glove and angrily threw it at the camera, then shook his fist and growled, “Alba, you pinhead! I dare you to take me on, mano-a-womano!”

When a stagehand quietly whispered that ‘mano-a-mano’ means ‘hand to hand’, not ‘man and man’, O’Reilly threw his coffee mug at him.

It is reported that Alba happily accepted the duel, stating, “Any time, any place!” She revealed that she is in fact descended from a long line of legendary Mexican gun fighters and would love to demonstrate her skills on the TV pundit.

O’Reilly has not issued any further statements, but insiders say he will not step foot outside the Fox News building, for fear of the feisty actress finding him.