LEXINGTON, KY – Despite repeated comparisons, Abraham Lincoln was more different from Barack Obama than you ever could have imagined.

Abraham Lincoln was in fact a woman, and the discovery of a secret cache of 43 photographs shot by famed Lincoln photographer Matthew Brady proves it! Maverick historian Jessica Durbeen believes, and presents an overwhelming mountain of evidence – including the Brady photos that were found in the basement of the White House – to bolster her claim that Honest Abe was not the man she pretended to be.

“Although President Lincoln was known as ‘Honest Abe’, it turns out she fibbed about one thing to the American people – her gender,” says Durbeen, author of upcoming book Lady Lincoln.

Not convinced? Check the facts:

  • The discovery of a birth certificate for a baby girl named Abigail Lincoln, born in Hardin County, Ky., on February 12, 1809 – the same palce and date as President Lincoln.
  • New medical evidence that Lincoln suffered from Marfan’s syndrome – a disorder that can make women unusually tall and gaunt, with long, gangling limbs and big hands.
  • A jar of glue used by actors to apply fake beards, found among Lincoln’s personal effects at the Smithsonian Museum.
  • A long-missing page from the diary of John Wilkes Booth, in which the presidential assassin rails against “the White House lover who spurned me”.
  • The fact that autopsy photos taken of Lincoln’s nude body were suspiciously burned.

Durbeen believes the young Abigail used her Marfan’s afflicted body to pass herself off as a man, and went on to work in male jobs such as rail-splitting and surveyor, before eventually becoming President.

And what of Lincoln’s six children? Durbeen argues that homely First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln was a man posing as a woman. “Take a look at a photo of Mary Todd and you’ll be convinced,” she says.

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