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NEW YORK, NY – As a means of celebrating both Christmas and Britney’s recent success, the bat pair have done the unthinkable.

Batney and Bat Boy have been spending time in New York City this week, and the trip has culminated in a death-defying act of climbing the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree!

The tree has been a widely-anticipated holiday tradition since 1931. It was officially lit on December 3rd this year and thousands of tourists have arrived daily just to catch a glimpse. But some visitors were in for a big surprise last night when two figures were spotted scaling the tree!

Within a few moments, some dedicated Weekly World News fans realized who the pair were and began shouting, “Bat Boy! Batney! Bat Boy! Batney!” to spur them on. The chant spread across the Center and escalated in volume as the two neared the top.

When Bat Boy finally reached up and touched the Swarovski crystal star, the crowd went wild, embracing each other and crying with relief over the duo’s safety.

Unfortunately, the tourists were too swept up in emotion to notice Bat Boy and Batney rolling the star down the side of the tree directly into a waiting pick-up truck. The rascals hopped in and high-fived before Batney sped off, leaving the crowd in stunned silence.

The star was later discovered hanging from the ceiling in the Times Square Toys ‘R Us.

The pointy-eared criminals are still at large.