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WASILLA, AK – Tina Fey, who has made headlines recently by impersonating Governor Sarah Palin, has gone so far as to lampoon her famous aerial shooting of a Bigfoot.

Cast and crew of the show Saturday Night Live flew out yesterday to Chugach National Park in Alaska to film a sketch for their special Thursday show.

After several passes pretending to fire an M240 machine gun at Andy Samberg in a costume, Fey and crew touched down in a helicopter mere yards from where Palin’s shooting took place.  While recreating Palin’s classic pose, complete with Fey carrying her own daughter in a Baby Bjorn, an actual Sasquatch came out from the tree line, apparently angered by Fey’s uncanny resemblance to the Alaska governor.

Production assistants and interns were ordered to stand in front of the massive primate and defend Tina Fey with their lives.

Thinking quickly the Emmy-winning comedienne grabbed a tranquilizer gun which had been brought in case of moose or bear problems and shot the rampaging creature, saving the lives of dozens.

Sources within NBC say the segment cannot be aired due to issues with the Federal Wildlife Commission; however leaked footage is beginning to circulate on the internet.

Andy Samberg, mauled to death in the incident, will be replaced by a shaggy haired monkey who will be dressed in ironic t-shirts and taught to smirk at the camera.