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TOKYO, JAPAN – Just days before Christmas, evidence has been found that exposes an alien plot to destroy the Earth and enslave mankind – using toys!

The Kota, a 40-inch robotic baby triceratops, is one of the most in-demand toys this holiday season.  The first robot of its kind, a dinosaur children can ride, the Kota has been flying off shelves since its recent release and demand has yet to slow.

Representatives from Playskool, the company that supposedly manufactures and distributes the Kota, have declined to comment on the emerging details regarding a possible alien invasion.

Unnamed sources have leaked details to Weekly World News that some time after Christmas, once all of the Kotas have been opened from their boxes throughout the world, a signal will alert them to “wake up.”

“It’s a terrifying prospect,” Alan Winkleblack, father of 3-year-old Wayne Winkleblack.  “Little Wayne has been begging for one of those things for months.  I really don’t want him to turn into an alien and enslave my family after Christmas.”

Winkleblack is referring to the potential for riders of the Kota to be used as symbiotic partners of the alien beast.  Perhaps the life-force of the rider gives strength to the Kota.  It is also speculated that an alien may hatch from within the Kota itself and then use the toy as its steed as it marches through our cities on its reign of terror.

Stay tuned to Weekly World News for up to the minute details on this nefarious alien scheme.