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ANTARCTICA  Researchers from the U.N. have discovered an alien outpost

A UFO researcher from the U.N Panel on Extraterrestrials has found a major alien outpost in Antarctica.  They carefully analyzed satellite photos of Antarctica via Google Earth, and confirm that the photos show UFOs and other creatures.

Highlights of this Antarctic find have been put onYouTube – in rough form.  This video was debunked at first, but has now proven to be true,  You can SEE IT HERE.

“It’s more evidence of the ongoing alien invasion,” said Dr. John Malley of the U.N. “It began in October 2010 and will continue until November of 2015, at which time aliens from Planet Zeeba will control the world.”

The UFOs and alien outposts were discovered on Ross Island and Beaufort Island in Antarctica’s McMurdo Sound.

Both islands were formed by volcanoes, which is ideal for alien spaceships.  Italians have long said there are aliens in Mt. Etna.

World leaders are meeting next month at the U.N. to discuss the alien outpost.  Russia wants to “blow it away”, but the international community may have a better approach to deal with the aliens.