America’s commie pinko traitors just had a hell of a bad week, and it’s just getting worse!
First, Scott Brown his pickup truck over Kennedy’s grave. Then Air UnAmerican Radio shut down, cuz as everybody knows, liberals are lousy listeners — even to each other!
And global warming tuned out to be an even bigger scam than even your old pal Ed ever thought.
Turns out those Himolayun Mountains aren’t melting after all – which is good because we were gonna let in a million Abomdibble Snowman refugees, and we’ve got enough problems with all those Haitians!
And we can’t let those damn foreign Snowmen take jobs away from our native-born Bigfoots!
Now I see somewhere that the Communist in Chief went to talk to some little kids and took his Teleprompter to the classroom!
At least George Bush read “My Pet Goat” right out of an old fashioned BOOK, like a real American! And Dan Quayle misspelled “potato” all by himself without help from any fancy gadgets, let me tell you!
Plus the lie-berals are so hard up they’ve got two folks mailing the same fake letter to hundreds of newspapers, talking about how great Obama is – and those genius reporters didn’t even check how these two could live in three dozen different cities at the same time!
Remember that next time the newspaper tells you about WMDs and global warming and what causes cancer this week!
Newspapers used to phone and check you out before they printed your angry letter – I should know!! I guess these days, reporters are too busy looking for new jobs to do the ones they’ve got.
How many times do I have to tell you? The only big media thing you can trust anymore is the Weekly World News!
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3 thoughts on “ED ANGER: "TAKE THAT, LIE-BERALS!"”

  1. Don't worry Ed, the abominable Snowmen have no chance of getting into Canada … they are white.
    You may have noted that in addition to the podium and teleprompter, there was also a bank of concert grade monitors at his feet. He do love to hear his own voice.
    Don't worry too much about the Haitians, Most of them will wind up in Montreal where their peers already are running the street gangs and drug ops and they have an operative in Rideau Hall as well. Dey do speak dat French doncha know mon.

  2. i still rember the outrage by the msm when bush was reading to children when 911 was happening. bush was sitting with the children obama was removed from the kids and had secret service guy standing in the background. what a phoney the big o is.

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