I’m madder than a camel with a busted hump!
Now I hear a bunch of A-rabs are building one of their crazy churches in the middle of New York, right near the World Trade Center!
It’s bad enough they wrecked the place, but now they want to take over completely and pray to that Mohammed guy and babble in their phony backwards language and make their harems wear garbage bags and whatever else they do!
Those A-rabs all bend over when they do their praying – this is there way of telling America to kiss their butts! Those guys bend over more often than Obama!
Next thing you know, they’ll be sacrificing goats in Times Square! That would probably help the tourist trade, but that’s not the point!
Why don’t we just turn Pearl Harbor into one big sushi bar while we’re at it? What next? Hiroshima Disneyland? The Columbine Firing Range?
Plus we’re bringing a bunch of these A-rabs to New York to go to court, when we should have just hung them upside down years ago.
That crazy New York mayor will lock you up if you spit gum on the sidewalk, but he welcomes these dirtballs with open arms! They’ll be living and eating better than half the people in the city!
Mayor Rudy wouldn’t let this craziness go on. Why can’t we bring him back to straighten things out?
America, you mark my words: today, New York, tomorrow, the entire Republic. Before you know it, there’ll be a weirdo A-rab church in an empty Burlington Coat Factory near you, too!
Don’t say Ed Anger didn’t warn you!

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