I’m madder than Joe Lieberman at a popularity contest!
You know why he would be mad?  Because no one likes him!
What is up with that guy?  Now Connecticut’s Independent Droopy Dog is saying he doesn’t oppose health care reform, but he’s going to make sure its real drawn out and then fail!
He says he doesn’t mind letting the bill get to the Senate floor for debate.  Oh, you don’t mind?  Well thank you for your indifferent permission, your highness.
But, and here is the kick in the pants, if he doesn’t like the way things go in debate, then, because he is so independently minded, he’s going to shack up with the rebels  on the Right side of the aisle and filibuster the final vote!
Who does this guy think he is?  There is nothing “independent” about being a plain old pain in the ass!
I can just picture his filibuster now.  No reading from the phone book or a selection of favorite Ayn Rand quotes on individualism.  No that’s not how Droopy is going to roll this annoying punch.
This guy is going to walk to the floor of the Senate, unroll his Calamity Jane sleeping bag, lay his pretty little head on his Spongebob encased pillow and throw a hissy fit about how no one likes him even though his mom tells him every day how special he is.
Well guess what Joe?  You aren’t special!  Deal with it!
You know what I think? I’ll tell ya!
This guy just likes to be on the losing team!  He lost the Democratic primary in 2006 and still won his Senate seat!  He even chose McCain as his candidate in 2008.
Even McCain’s mom didn’t vote for that loser in 2008!
And now he wants to be on the losing end of the health care debate!  No one loses as much as this guy and still remains in the game.
He’s like the Independent Senator for the Chicago Cubs!

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