I figured Mrs. Anger was kidding me when she woke me up screaming about the Teleprompter Kid winning a prize.

“For what?” I mumbled. “World’s Biggest Phoney”? “Worst Since Carter?”
Then she told me the Communist-in-Chief won that Nobel Peace Prize.
Ladies and gentlemen of these great United States: your pal Ed Anger is getting too old for this.
It’s a good thing I’ve got backup oxygen tanks in case of nuclear war, contrail poisoning or the Rapture – I may have to break one out before lunch.
The Nobel Peace Prize. I thought you got that if you were that ET-looking diaper guy who sat around smiling all day, or got the stupid Irishmen to stop killing the stupider Irishmen for five minutes.
Heck, in Obama’s hometown, kids are smashing each other’s heads in with railroad ties on Main Street. Our soldiers are getting blown up by A-rabs, and every time I see Nancy Puglosi’s face on the TV I wanna kill somebody.
None of that seems too damn peaceful to me.
Then I remembered they gave it to Al Gore and Jimmy Carter. I don’t know when it happened – probably the day they gave it to Fishface Towelhead of the A-rabs – but that fancy prize turned into a joke a long time ago.
What Obama really needs is the Please Prize: “Please stop hating us, A-rabs! Please like us, pre-vert Euros!”
Oh well, at least they didn’t give him the Book Prize. Cuz then he’d have to share it with his old hippie bomber friend who really wrote his books!
Then again, since that Nobel guy got rich inventing dynamite, that would’ve made more sense!

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  1. The Nobel Peace Prize is a joke. You know the old saying "A pile of – – – – by any other name is still a pile of – – – -."

  2. Peace prize or war prize to Obama?
    by Nasir Khan, October 10, 2009
    According to the normal practice the Nobel Peace Prize is to be
    awarded to someone who has contributed to the cause of peace. In
    President Obama’s case, we see no such evidence. On the contrary,
    since taking office he has escalated and extended the war of
    aggression in Afghanistan which his predecessor Bush had started.
    American pilotless drones target Pakistani territory and kill people
    there with impunity. The ever-increasing death-toll of Afghans and
    Pakistanis) at the hands of US-led occupation forces shows the reality of this president’s policies. Obama is following the criminal war policies of his immediate predecessor. From Gitmo to Iraq and to the Occupied Territories of the Palestinians his promises have been
    futile; he has backed down on each of his policy statements he had
    tossed around.
    Except for his empty rhetoric, Obama has produced no concrete results or has he shown any consistent and steadfast line of action to pursue the goals for which people around the world had hoped for. His nuclear arms initiative is praiseworthy, but his warmongering does not entitle him to the peace prize. I suggest that this award should be called War Prize to President Obama. Those in the Nobel Committee who have chosen him for the award have made a joke of the term ‘peace’.

  3. The Communists America Haters in Norway realized their Golden Boy was crashing fast so they decided to give him a little International boost. The idiots in Africa and liberal fools around the World are sure Obama's the second coming. Except for a few ignorant democrats who voted for Carter and Obama most American's see this for what it really is. Obama has done less in nine months than any president in recent history, even Saturday Night Live made a skit out of it. The few things he's done have made the economy worse and caused unemployment to rise. He's killed the American Auto Industry. Can you imagine if Bush had cause General Motors to go out of business, he would have been impeached but Obama get an award.

    • You need a new dictionary (or at least spell check) to be racist one must think his race is superior than another. To remark one's dislike for another's action however, is called an opinion. Here in America it is closely tied to our freedoms and therefore will get your ass straight up kicked if you try to silence a person. Go play somewhere else, this is obviously too advanced for you.

    • Racist??? As I have stated on other stories on this site, never ever ever discriminate because of someones race religion etc…. Look instead at someones heart their character the truth is the truth Oba Ma is a socialist and bad for this country. I would say that no matter what race he might be

  4. Just another trick of the devil!He has not bought Peace , only More big problems on our nation and the world!
    i think he is anti-christ type anyway!


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