NEW YORK, NY – Michelle Bachmann has come forward saying she is being stalked by left-wing TV show hosts.
Bachmann, a Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota, first rose to national prominence for her suggestion that Democrat leaders should be investigated by Congress for being “un-American.”  Recently she has been in the limelight over her criticism of proposed “Sex Clinics” for schools in the Democrat health care bill.  According to Bachmann the program proposed by Democrats would set up clinics that would offer birth control and give abortions all on school grounds.  It was this criticism, she believes, that made her a target of the Left Wing.
On the O’Reilly Factor Wednesday night, Michelle Bachmann said she believes she is being stalked by TV show hosts at competing networks.  Bachmann says that her criticism of the Democrats and their programs has made her a target.  “Maybe they just can’t take criticism, or maybe I’m getting too close to the Truth!  But now they are there, and they’re out to get me!”
Bachmann said that while she was getting coffee that morning a poorly disguised Jon Stewart was standing behind her.  “All week Keith Olberman has been outside my house pretending to be part of a construction crew!”  “And anytime I use a public toilet, Rachel Maddow is there.  Sometimes she comes in right after I do.  Sometimes she’s already there, pretending not to listen to me.  How do they know where I’ll be?  HOW DO THEY KNOW!??”  Bachmann broke down in tears as Bill O’Reilly comforted her and called the Democratic hosts “sick.”
So far there is no evidence to Bachmann’s claims aside from her own heartfelt testimony.  However Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, has asked his lawyers to look into the matter.  Bachmann, with her supporters in Congress, will call for a full scale government investigation of the incident and the Television hosts in question.

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  1. Who cares about Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann? I think this woman is absolutely
    stupid when It comes to the economy. This woman makes no sense when she is on Fox and
    her opninons have less validity. I think that she should be trageted by the democrats as she
    is out of touch with the voters in Minnesota. I think that Bachmann and Rush Limbaugh are great for democratic hopes for 2012. Let's support our President!! Don't listen to the morons
    on Fox News Channel.


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