I’m madder than a tranny with a busted heel after seeing this stupid story on the computer machine today: “French Gay Soccer Team Snubbed By Muslim Team”
Where do you even start??
If you’re me, you start by looking up what “snubbed” means cuz at first I thought it was something dirty or they chopped all their heads off.
Anyway, the A-rabs don’t want to play with the froots because it’s against their religion. They think its ok to blow stuff up and make ladies wear garbage bags, but they can’t kick a rubber ball with some pansy?
Besides: I’ve seen that Lawrence of Arabia picture and if you ask me, something frooty was going on there!
I can’t believe they had to put the “gay” word in there – aren’t all frogs a bunch of froots anyhow?
What I don’t get is, why the froots want to play soccer in the first place? I didn’t think they liked sports or getting their clothes dirty.
Not that soccer is a real sport. Americans didn’t invent it, first of all. Second of all, over there they call it “football” – and if this was real football, we wouldn’t let A-rabs or froots play in the first place!
So in a fight between the froots and the A-rabs, who wins? The A-rabs have all the machine guns, while the froots just have hair dryers. I guess the froots could throw their poodles at them, cuz A-rabs hate dogs.
That’s why I side with the froots this time – BUT DON’T TAKE THAT THE WRONG WAY!! How can you be so weird that your crazy religion says to hate dogs?
If you ask me, that’s downright un-American!!

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5 thoughts on “ED ANGER: "I'M NOT GAY, I JUST HATE A-RABS!"”

  1. Well I suppose the Arabs can play with whomever they like and perhaps they most of all like to play with themselves! A point of interst though, America and Americans invented much less sports than they think they have. You mentioned football, by which I assume you mean your gridiron form of the game,unfortunately that is just a derivative of Rugby football which incidently, the Americans perform poorly at.

  2. Ed Anger and this web site did not begin time and will not end it. In the days of your newspapers you were not necessary and this web site is not either. This is not a joke; life is not a joke. Your voice is necessary and never has been. And if you think you are a prophet you would be responsible for all hell on Earth.
    We are all waiting for you to stop your news.

    • well then. i LOVE this website and i LOVE ed anger! also, you may want to look over your grammar before you post your tirade. you said "your voice is necessary and never has been." i get what you're trying to say, but that sentence makes no sense whatsoever.
      proofread your ranting.

  3. "Opposite" is very clever! He name inspires me to read his comment in a mirror. Well said Opposite, Ed Anger Rules! (on a side note – I think Ed might be my dad, but don't say anything, I think it's supposed to be a governmental top secret!)


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