I’m madder than a vampire with tooth decay!So now that stupid Nancy Pull-o-Face is saying that town hall protesters are un-American!
She also says we’ll all get better health care by spending LESS money. If that’s true, then why doesn’t Pull-o-Face switch from using private government jets to flying coach from now on? Then she’d get a “better” flight!
“We’ll be a much healthier country if all patients can receive regular checkups and tests without paying a dime out-of-pocket,” she says. Of course, somebody’ll be paying for all these other people’s checkups and tests – you and me!
THAT’S what sounds un-American to me!
Right now, half the country doesn’t even pay taxes. They say these “poor” people need help, but all the “poor” people I see don’t seem to be missing any meals, and they always have enough cash for smokes, cell phones and booze!
Meanwhile, the one group of people who WON’T have to sign up for this commie medical racket is – Nancy Pull-o-Face and the other politicians! What does that tell you about how wonderful it is?
As for these town hall protests, well, angry mobs are a great American tradition. Just look at the Boston Tea Party! These town halls are pretty tame compared to a bunch of guys dressed at Indians throwing other people’s stuff overboard cuz the King made them pay extra penny on their taxes!
The same people who called the Rodney King riots a wonderful “uprising” are the same ones mad that some guy in a golf shirt with a real job dares to ask a politician a question – a politician whose salary HE pays!
Obama has gone from the Communist-in-Chief to Dictator-in-Chief! Rise up, America!

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  1. LISTEN TO ED EVERYONE! Yeeeaaaayyy! I love to comments that those who are attending these town-hall meetings are mobs. Concerned citizens who do not want to be force fed another government run blunder. Only the ignorant find this newest proposal superior to what's in place now. The entire House &Senate needs to be fired!

  2. We spend more money on health care already than any other country yet we are rated not even in the top ten as far as health care benefits. Canadians enjoy longer life and fewer infant mortalities than we do. France has the best rated health care in the world and guess what they are gov run health care. Stop listening to the insurance companies they only care about making a profit. They are the ones behind the town hall protestors. 60% of bankruptcy in this country are from medical bills. In canada it is 0% We are the only civilized nation that does not have a national health care and that is because we are the greediest nation on earth. We care more about the almighty dollar than wether or not people are sick and can't get help. Where is the compassion in this country. Most of the people who are uninsured are children or working people who don't get benefits. The poor already qualify for medicaire or aid or whatever you call it. We need to stop asking how much it cost and ask what is the cost of having all these people uninsured. I think if you look at the figures you will find the cost is astronomical. Stop being greedy and do what is the right thing to do.

    • Greedy??? I am to broke to be greedy and I am not going to sit by and pay more taxes just because there are a bunch of idiots in this country that think these yahoos that are in office really care about anybody but themselves. The president and the other idiot politicians in power today hate this country and everything good that comes from this country we are not perfect but if you think that these other countries have such great health care etc… then move and become one of their citizens and don't force your socialism on the rest of us.

    • Amen! All Americans need to start voicing their concerns! We need to keep the message going, we're sick of this socialist path they think we need to be on and we want nothing to do with it.

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