NEW YORK, NY – Drew Brees has been on cloud 9 ever since winning the Super Bowl. But his appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show brought some comedy to his achievement!
Drew Brees appeared on Oprah’s show to talk about a number of things such as his huge victory, family life, and the growing admiration for his son Baylen. However, someone on Oprah’s staff did not fully prepare her the full report on Drew Brees.
Drew Brees is known, among other things, for his birthmark on his cheek. Well, Oprah was unaware to the fact and mistook the birthmark for lipstick! Oprah leaned in and tried to rub off the “lipstick” from Brees’ face. The awkward moment came and went, and thanks to his good-natured personality, Brees played it off like nothing happened.

Check out the moment below.
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2 thoughts on “DREW BREES ON OPRAH”

  1. I thought the same thing when I saw the show, but then I thought she did kiss him on the cheek and she was trying to wipe off her lipstick from his face and didn't she mention how cute the baby was. I thought they had met before he came on stage. If she did try to wipe it off it was an honest mistake.

  2. Oh you mean Oprah isn't as great as everyone thinks…she knows less about some of her guests than Dave "who are you again?" Letterman…..sad…. but it is Oprah so nobody cares really…unless she is imparting some life changing advice…


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