NEW YORK, NY – Sports Illustrated has revealed its cover girl for the coveted Swimsuit issue!
This year’s lucky girl is North Carolina-raised, Brooklyn Decker. Decker, 22, definitely put her time in as she landed the spot after posing for the magazine for five years.
Decker’s news came on no bigger stage than The Late Show with David Letterman on Monday. “I’ve done news shows, but I’ve never done a big talk show,” said the cover girl of her appearance. As soon as her cover was revealed, Decker rushed over to Twitter and expressed her gratitude. “Thank You Everyone!!! I wish I could respond to every single one of you but thank you so much for your AMAZINGLY sweet tweets!,” said Decker on her Twitter page.
For the time being, Decker is going to steal the spotlight from her husband. She’s been married to tennis superstar, Andy Roddick, for close to ten months now. Asked if her husband would be jealous of all the men that would be staring at her, she said, “No. He’s proud. I think this gives him a one-up in the locker room for the next year or so.”
Check out the big moment with David Letterman.

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