NEW YORK, NY – Motorola’s new commercial, featuring Megan Fox, showed that the hand is quicker than the eye!
Motorola took Fox’s sex appeal to a whole new level. They took the stunning star, placed her in a bubble bath, and pitched their new phone, the Devour. While many may have been blinded by her beauty, the few who weren’t quickly noticed a “slight of hand.”
Motorola enlisted the help of a hand double for a close up of what was supposed to be Fox’s hand. The truth behind the matter is that Fox suffers from a hereditary defect known as brachydactyl. That literally means that she suffers from a clubbed thumb.
After her movie last summer, Jennifer’s Body, pictures surfaced showcasing her hand defect. One of today’s brightest young stars and a competitor for the title of sexiest women alive came across a small bump in the road. Whether it was Fox or Motorola that decided to use the hand double is still in debate. The truth, however, is that the defect is definitely an issue and seems to follow the star. Check out the commercial below.

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