NEW YORK, NY – Steve Phillips, who’s affair with a production assistant made headlines everywhere, has come clean about his addiction!
Phillips, a former ESPN analyst and New York Mets general manager, admitted that he knew he had a sex addiction problem way back in August – two months before his affair heard round the world. Phillips had an affair with production assistant Brooke Hundley. He finally broke his silence since leaving Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services clinic, the same clinic that just treated Tiger Woods.
In addition to a great professional career, Phillips was married with four children. “I Couldn’t stop myself from doing the things I was doing, even knowing the consequences,” Phillips said. In regards to his wife Phillips commented, “I’ve broken my wife’s heart. I’ve damaged her and our relationship in a terrible way.” Phillips has certainly found himself in a nosedive since the incident. Divorce and being let go from ESPN and now he finds himself looking to put the pieces back together. Check out his interview below.

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