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MIAMI, FL – The Who rocked the halftime show at Super Bowl XLIV some 30 years since their time atop the charts. Not without a little help from some past friends!
Back when The Who was announced as the halftime show performance, the decision was received with mixed reviews. The older generations were thrilled to get a classic act back on the big stage. The younger generations certainly were hoping for something a little fresher and more in tune with their likes. Regardless, The Who came out with guns blazing and delivered a stunning performance.
The Who were lead by two of the original founders in guitarist Pete Townshend and vocalist Roger Daltrey. What many didn’t see or hear about and WWN is here to clarify is that The Who had some behind the scenes help. Original drummer Keith Moon and bassist John Entwistle had their touch on the performance.
“I don’t know how to explain it. It was almost as if I was back in the 70s, on tour with the boys. On such a big stage, you need your best stuff. It sounds funny talking about it, but i certainly felt Keith and John’s energy out there,” said Daltrey.
WWN correspondent Biff Olpersoon was front and center for the performance. “There was certainly a presence there. At times I could see a blur of a breeze pass by. There was a feeling that the original quartet was out there,” says Biff
Whatever the case may be, The Who delivered a memorable performance. They rocked Sun Life Stadium and showed shades of their younger years.

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