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ATHENS, GA – The rumor mill has already begun: former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is preparing to run for President in 2012. Will the Alien endorse him once more?

The Alien famously encouraged Gingrich to run in 1996:


“The Speaker has said many times in the past he isn’t interested in being President but the alien apparently encouraged him to reconsider that decision. The alien indicated he strongly supports Gingrich’s policies and would likely back him if he decided to run for President.”

However, Senator Bob Dole famously ran and lost that election to President Bill Clinton. But is this finally Gingrich’s year? And if so, will he win the Alien’s favor once more?

GOP insiders have spoken anonymously with Weekly World News, hinting that “Newt finally feels like his time has come. After the big 2008 loss for the party, there is no big contender for 2012 yet. Jindal and Palin have nothing on Gingrich’s career and contributions to the Republican party.”

The Alien was very active during the 2008 Presidential elections, first putting his weight behind then-Senator Obama, and then, at the last moment, switching to Senator McCain. Since McCain’s defeat, the Alien has gone into hiding, taking no part in current political affairs. But fans of the Alien believe that if Gingrich were to announce his Presidential run now, the Alien could potentially spend the next three years endorsing him.

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  1. Is America desperate to elect a leader for the home of the free by mentionig Gingrich? Wake up America. We need a tough leader, not a person who is already brain washed. Elect a person who has no ties to Democrats or Republicans. Unfortunately, America is ignorant in many ways. Electing the right person is not the bloke from Georgia. Many will think," not again…another peanut farmer" like in 1976.


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